Mon - Sat
12 noon - 10pm


  • Spicy bites
  • special soups
  • soups
  • special rice
  • variety
  • extras
  • Peppered Gizzard N1,499
  • Spicy Beef N1,499
  • Spicy Goat meat N1,499
  • Spicy Pork Chops N1,599
  • DeltaPot Assorted Special N1,499
  • Peppered Chicken N1,599
  • Spicy Grilled Turkey N1,599
  • Peppered chicken wings N1,599
  • Goat Meat / Chicken / Assorted Peppersoup N1,800
  • Spicy Stewed Snail N2,800
  • Nkwobi N1,500
  • Isiewu N3,000
  • Whole Croaker / Tilapia Fish N3,500
  • Delta Pot MO’s Platter N5,500
  • Delta Pot FO’s Platter N7,500
  • Deltapot Banga Soup – Cooked freshly from palm kernel, cooked with deltapot  spices(periwinkles optional)(fish,beef, goat meat,assorted, chicken) N2,899
  • DeltaPot Owho Soup – A Delta Delicacy made with palm oil, special spices (periwinkle optional) (fresh fish, beef, assorted, goat meat, chicken) N2,899
  • DeltaPot Gbagbafofo (Okro Pepersoup) – Healthy oil-free okro, spices, crab,(periwinkle optional) (fresh fish, beef, assorted, goat meat, chicken) N2,899
  • DeltaPot Gbagba Kpogiri (Egusi Pepper soup) – Milled Melon seeds cooked with dried shrimps, crab, pepper soup spices(periwinkle optional)(Fish, beef, goat meat chicken, assorted) N2,899
  • DeltaPot (Ukodo) Pepper Soup and Yam – Choice of whole fresh fish, goat meat, assorted N3,000
  • All House Special soups served with Delta Fish or Snail N3,500
  • DeltaPot Okro Soup (choice of beef, goat meat, assorted meat or croaker fish) N1,999
  • DeltaPot Egusi Soup (choice of beef, goat meat, assorted meat or croaker fish) N1,999
  • DeltaPot Afang Soup (choice of beef, goat meat, assorted meat or croaker fish) N1,999
  • DeltaPot Edikang Ikong Soup (choice of beef, goat meat, assorted meat or croaker fish) N1,999
  • DeltaPot Ogbono soup (choice of beef, goat meat, assorted meat or croaker fish) N1,999
  • DeltaPot Nsala/White Soup (choice of beef, goat meat, assorted meat or croaker fish) N1,999
  • DeltaPotOfeOnugbo (Bitter Leaf Soup) (choice of beef, goat meat, assorted meat or croaker fish) N1,999
  • DeltaPotOha Soup (choice of beef, goat meat, assorted meat or croaker fish) N1,999
  • All Soups Served with Delta Dry Fish, Sea Fresh Fish, Snail  N2,500


All Soups are served with the following accompaniment: Starch, Pounded Yam, Semovita, Eba, Wheat or Rice

  • DeltaPot Banga Rice Fiesta (Rice cooked in palm kernel broth, garnished with dried fish accompanied with an assortment of meat and fried plantain ) N2,499
  • DeltaPot Coconut Rice Fiesta (Rice cooked in fresh coconut broth, fresh peppers and dried fish, served with spicy gizzard and chicken in chilli sauce + fried plantain) N2,499
  • Deltapot Pepper Rice (An assortment of meat delicately cooked in rich chili and tomatoes sauce served with white rice and fried plantain) N2,499
  • Deltapot Beans Stew and Rice N2,499
  • ALL-IN-ONE-MEGA-COMBO (Create your own DeltaPot Experience) N11,999

    (Banga rice, Coconut Rice, Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Pepper Rice, Mixed Rice&Beans, Spaghetti Special)
    (Pepper Chicken, Spicy Gizzard, Spicy Beef, Spicy Chicken wings, Pork Chops, Croaker Fish,CatFish in chilli sauce, Spicy Goat Meat, assorted meat)
    (Chapman, Juice, Soft drinks, Water)

  • Garden Egg Sauce + Yam/Plantain N1,799
  • DeltaPot Beans and Plantain (Choice of beef, croaker fish or chicken) N1,799
  • DeltaPot Jollof Rice and Beans (Beef, chicken or fish) N1,799
  • DeltaPot Pottage Fiesta (Chicken, beef or fish) N1,799
  • DeltaPot Spaghetti Special (Chicken, beef or fish) N1,799
  • French Fries / Fried Sweet Potatoes N500
  • Boiled Yam / Fried Yam N500
  • Boiled Plantain / Fried Plantain N500
  • Jollof Rice / Fried Rice N700
  • Snail (Piece) N700
  • Beef / Pomo / Shaki /Cowleg (Piece) N400
  • Mixed Rice and Beans N700
  • Banga Rice / Coconut Rice N900
  • CatFish / Tilapia / Croaker (Piece) N1,500
  • Crab N400
  • Shrimps N400
  • Whole Croaker / Tilapia / Catfish N3,000
  • 2.5 Litre Bowl of Soup / Stew N7,500
  • 2.5 Litre Bowl of Special Soup / Stew N8,500
  • 5 Litres Bowl of Soup/Stew  N15,000
  • 5 Litres Bowl of Special Soup/Stew  N16,500
  • Dried Fish/Stock Fish N1,500
  • Delta Dry Fish/Sea Fresh Fish (Piece) N2,000
  • Pepper Sauce N700
  • Starch/Pounded Yam/Semo/Eba/Wheat N350
  • Periwinkle N300
  • Boiled/Fried Egg N300
  • Beans N700
  • Garden Egg Sauce N600
  • DeltaPot Special Soups N950
  • Soups N600
  • Pottage N700
  • Corporate Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner  Negotiable
  • Outdoor Caterings (Weddings / Birthdays / Seminars etc ) Negotiable


  • Hennessy VS (Shots)   N500
  • Hennessy VS (Bottle)   N10,000
  • Hennessy V.S.O.P (Shot)   N900
  • Hennessy V.S.O.P (Bottle)   N15,000
  • Hennessy X.O   N39,000
  • Remy Martins (Shot)   N900
  • Remy Martins (Bottle)   N14,000
  • Courvoiser VS   N13,000
  • Courvoiser VSOP   N19,000
  • Martel VS   N10,000
  • Martel VSOP   12,000
  • Martini Rose   N10,000
  • Moet Chandon Brut   N15,000
  • Moet Chandon Rose   N20,000
  • Moet Nectar Imperial   N23,000
  • Veuve Cliequot Brut  N20,000
  • Laurent Perrier Brut   N14,000
  • Laurent Perrier Rose   N23,000
  • Don – peringon brut   N40,000
  • Crystal  N60,000
  • Skyy (Bottle)   N6,000
  • Smirnoff (Shot)   N500
  • Smirnoff (Bottle)   N6,500
  • Absolute (Shot)   N500
  • Absolute (Bottle)   N7,000
  • Grey Goose (Bottle)   N13,000
  • Belveldere (Bottle)   N13,000
  • Ciroc (Bottle)   N14,000
  • Olmeca Silver (Shot)   N800
  • Olmeca Gold (Shot)   N1,000
  • Olmeca (Bottle)   N8,000
  • Jose Cuervo Silver (Shot)   N500
  • Jose Cuervo Gold (Shot)   N700
  • Jose Cuervo (Bottle)   N6,000
  • Gordon Gin (Shot)   N400
  • Gordons Gin (Bottle)   N5,500
  • Tanqueray Gin (Shot)   N500
  • Tanqueray Gin (Bottle)   N6,000
  • Bombay Sapphire (Shot)   N550
  • Bombay Sapphire (Bottle)   N7,000
  • Beefeater (Shot)   N600
  • Beefeater (Bottle)   N8,000
  • Coke   N300
  • Fanta   N300
  • Sprite   N300
  • Soda   N300
  • Tonic   N300
  • Bitter Lemon   N300
  • Amstel Malt   N500
  • Malter Guiness   N500
  • Maltina   N500
  • Water   N300
  • Water Big   N500
  • Long Island Ice Tea   N2,000
    Gin, Tequila, Light Rum, Vodka, Triple Sec & Coke
  • Cosmopolitan   N1,500
    Vodka, Triple Sec,Lime Juice,Cranberry Juice
  • Sex on the beach   N1,500
    Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice
  • White Russian   N1,500
    Vodka, Kahlua Coffee liqueur, cream    
  • Black Russian   N1,500
    Vodka, Kahlua Coffee liqueur, cream and coke  
  • Screw driver   N1,500
    Vodka, Soda, Orange juice    
  • Mojito   N1,500
    Rum, Mint, Sugar, Soda water, lime    
  • Red Label (Shot)   N500
  • Red Label (Bottle)   N5,000
  • Black Label (Shot)   N700
  • Black Label (Bottle)   N10,000
  • Jack Daniel No 7 (Shot)   N700
  • Jack Daniel No 7 (Bottle)   N10,000
  • Jack Daniels Single Barrel   N12,000
  • GentleMan Jack   N12,000
  • Gold Label   N19,000
  • Double Black   N24,000
  • Blue Label   N40,000
  • Glenfiddich (12 Years)   N11,000
  • Glenfiddich (15 Years)   N14,000
  • Glenfiddich (18 Years)   N18,000

House Wine (Glass)   N1,000
Hardy’s (Australia)  N4,500
Nederburg (SA)   N5,000
Mouton Cadet   N6,000
Escodo Rojo   N5,500
Novacorte   N5,500
Kagor   N4,000
Carlo Rossi   N3,000
Massimo   N3,500
Laman   N3,500
Mateus rose   N4,000
Chateunueuf Dumpape (Fra)   N10,000
Thomas Barton (France)  N8,000

  • House Wine (Glass)   N1,000
  • Hardy’s (Australia)  N4,500
  • Nederburg (SA)   N5,000
  • Yellow Tail (Australia)   N5,000
  • Segura Viudas (Spain)  N5,000
  • Thomas Barton (France)   N8,000
  • Baileys (Shot)   N600
  • Baileys (Bottle)   N8,000
  • Amarula (Shot)   N500
  • Amarula (Bottle)   N7,000
  • Star   N600
  • Star Lite   N600
  • Heineken Small   N500
  • Heineken Big   N800
  • Guiness Stout Small   N500
  • Guiness Stout Large   N800
  • Guiness Extra Smooth   N700
  • Legend   N500
  • Harp   N500
  • Orijin (Small)   N500
  • Orijin (Large)   N700
  • Smirnoff Ice   N500
  • Snapp   N500
  • Red Bull   N500
  • Power Horse   N500
  • Orange Juice glass   N500
  • Orange juice pack   N1,000
  • Apple juice glass   N500
  • Apple juice pack   N1,000
  • Pineapple juice glass   N500
  • Pineapple juice pack   N1,000
  • Cramberry glass   N800
  • Cramberry pack   N1,500
  • Chapman   N800
    Angostura bitters, orange juice, sprite fanta, grenadine    
  • Fruit Punch   N800
    Orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice    
  • Virgin Colada   N800
    Pineapple juice, coconut syrup, fresh cream, cold milk    
  • Virgin Sunset   N800
    Orange juice, lemon juice, sprite, grenadine    
  • MoMo’s Temple   N800
    Cramberry juice, red grapes, orange juice and lemon juice